ZiguratIP Concept

My name is Saman Heidarzadeh Pasha, I am the designer and developer of The ZiguratIP Project.
After many years that I am working on Database Application Development, and creating many database connections of many protocols in my apps, I have been taken an idea, How to use SQL commands in any forms or pages without database connections.
It wasn't clear at first, because I haven't got any programming language of my own to achieve this solution. So I was thinking on a server side programming language that could support transactions and session in the same time.
I thought I need an standard protocol to be enable for connecting and retriving data. An HTTP was a best protocol for being online in modern information technology area.
Due to these concepts I was going to create an Information Platform which has all these tools in a unit case.
It is The Zigurat Informational Platform Project.

I am pleased to recieve any questions or ideas about this project.